Jun 152010

I’ve owned my 1998 Encore for 10 years now and have decided it’s time to trade its late ’90’s instrument panel for something more 21st century. I’m going to trade my 6 primary instruments for a Garmin G500 with Synthetic Vision technology, my engine instruments for a JPI EDM 930, and my crummy old King audio panel for a far superior PS Engineering PMA8000B.

For this project I chose Arapahoe Aero at Centennial Airport to do the work. Scott Utz and his team have been doing a fabulous job on my annual inspections for the past four years and it just so happens they’re an excellent avionics shop as well. And I really like the fact they’re located about 50 yards from my hangar.

Here’s a photo of the aircraft:

Here’s what the panel looked like before starting the retrofit:

Here’s the tangle of wires revealed by removing the panel. Wow!

And here’s a mockup of the new panel:

At the same time, my plane received its annual inspection and we decided to perform a top overhaul on the cylinders (total time: 1150 hours). Here’s what the engine looks like with the cylinders removed:

All this work started in April and probably won’t be completed until July. I’ll post updated photos as they become available.

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