My name is Joe Zuffoletto. My wife, Roya, and I live in Denver, Colorado, my home town.

I am president of AC Systems, a manufacturers representative firm founded by my father in 1967. We sell Liebert and Emerson Network Power products in Colorado, Wyoming and Utah.

I also own SmartCompany, a software company that provides a hosted CRM solution.

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from Princeton University, where I also earned a Certificate in Engineering Management.

Halfway through Princeton I realized my lifelong dream of learning to fly, earning my pilot’s license in August, 1985. I don’t know why, but flying has been in my blood all my life. If you fly, you understand. It’s my greatest passion that’s not my wife, and the most fun you can have with your clothes on. Later I added an instrument rating so I can fly in all weather.

After graduating from Princeton in 1987, I moved to Cupertino, CA, where I worked as a Macintosh software engineer for Apple Computer. While at Apple I began work on a Masters degree in Computer Science at Stanford, but after two quarters of study I decided that I had filled my lifetime quota of university study and dropped out.

I left Apple in 1991 and either worked at or ran a succession of software companies until I left the Bay Area for my native Denver in 2006.

I have a ton of interests! Flying, photography, computer programming and playing the drums are the ones I like the most.

You can see my LinkedIn profile here. I’m not on Facebook.

Thanks for visiting!